"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank

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A Note From Shelly:

Everyone experiences pains and pressures that can come in life – and they come in many forms. The complexities faced by each person can never be fully understood by someone else. We are very complex in nature, and so can be the challenges we face. Over the years, I have pondered and studied about the brain, the body, the soul and the impact that challenges can have. We are wholistic by nature; we are made up of spirit, soul and body. We are, by design, able to heal and recover from the challenges of life. There truly is no formula, no one program or intervention that will make us “all better”. However, there are keys, there is timing in intervention, and there are foundational strengths that can feed healing and growth. It is humbling and it is an honor to walk with others as they continue to shape and discover their goals, share and develop insight, shake off blocks and hindrances, heal from pain, grow in resilience, and experience greater freedom in their lives.

My role is to walk with others and to utilize strategies and tools that can facilitate healing of the soul, which can assist the body in its healing. The healing journey requires partnership, it requires inspiration, it requires safety and choice. Whatever the challenge or concern in a person’s life, it is each person’s choice regarding the focus of our time together. I offer dignity and respect for all in my practice, I am inspired by what I witness in others and in my own life. I see courage in each person I work with, and I see seeds of strength and hope in every individual, in every story.